Entries - Guide to Submitting Online

This page is intended for club representatives responsible for entering crews in the Women's Head.
Our Pennants & Eligibility page will help you determine for which pennants your crew is eligible.

See our Entries - General Information page for conditions of entry.

When making entries it is important to note that if you wish your crew to be entered for one of the WEHoRR Pennants, you must select not only your status (using the Event Identifier field), but also your pennant (using the Event Info field). See the Pennants & Eligibility page for more information on the pennant hierarchy.


The screen shot below shows the options for entering a Women's Elite crew for the Women's Head.

    Online Entry screenshot

    Example: An elite women's crew eligible for the Club Pennant should be entered under Event Identifier W.Eli.8+ and Event Info. Elite Club, the last option in the above graphic.

    If the crew is not eligible for the Club Pennant, it should be entered for another pennant for which it is eligible, such as Provinicial Club. If it isn't eligible for any other pennant, it should be entered as simply W.Eli.8+ - Elite. The crew will remain eligible for the Head Pennant, but will not race for any other pennant.

    This method of entry should be extended to all senior and junior categories.

    Masters crews:

    All crews wishing to race as Masters should enter the W.Mas.A.8+ - Masters category online. The Women's Head Committee will assign categories for masters crews in accordance with the British Rowing Rules of Racing.

    Based on the number of entries, masters categories may be combined to ensure good levels of competition.


All crews containing juniors, including coxes, are required to provide a contact number for a responsible adult who is contactable on race day and can make decisions regarding the crew. This information can be submitted at the time of entry by expanding the 'Notes/Special Notes' section under the crew's information.

If you need to amend your contact information within 48 hours of race day, please send any changes directly to Emma Austin, Entries Secretary, on the e-mail address or phone number listed below.


Enquiries about entries for the Women's Head should directed to: Entries Secretary Mrs Emma Austin
Tel: 020 8543 5281
Email: entrysec@wehorr.org

Enquiries about British Rowing Online services should be directed to: British Rowing
Email: onlineentry@britishrowing.org

Entries for the 2015 race are now closed

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