Entries - Pennants - Criteria for awarding and Eligibility

A pennant will be awarded provided a minimum of 4 crews have entered and 3 have rowed for the Pennant. However, this may be waived at the Committee's discretion and each case will be taken on its merits. See our Entries page for detailed information on awards. Our Trophies page has images of the prizes.


  • Club - a single British club, excluding academic institutions, National bodies and similar associations.
  • Overseas - crews from outside Great Britain. For the avoidance of doubt, crews from Northern Ireland are considered Overseas crews.
  • Status pennants - Pennants awarded to the fastest crew according to its status with British Rowing (Elite, Senior, etc.).

  • Criteria for the Awarding of Pennants

    Head Pennant

    Takes precedence overall


    Club Pennant

    Awarded only if a composite crew wins the Head Pennant
    Takes precedence over status pennants
    Only British club crews are eligible (NB N. Ireland crews are deemed to be overseas crews.)
    The 'Club' pennant is open to crews representing a single British Club, (excluding universities, colleges or schools, National and similar associations.) All crew members, other than the cox, are to have been fully paid up members of the club which they are representing since the 1st January in race year.
    A school is not a club (as far as the awarding of the 'Club' pennant is concerned.)


    Provincial Club Pennant

    Open to any Club outside the M25 and not on the Thames.


    University Pennant

    Takes precedence over status
    If the Head is won by a University crew, then no University pennant is awarded.

    NB: A University is not a Club.
    Only bona fide students of the College or University may compete for the 'University' pennant.

    Composite crews are not eligible for the University pennant.

    Overseas Pennant

    Takes precedence over University
    Takes precedence over status
    If the Head is won by an Overseas crew then no Overseas pennant is awarded.
    Overseas crews are only eligible to enter 'Elite', 'Masters' (a master is someone who has attained the age of 27 years or will attain this age during the current year) or 'School/Junior'. Overseas university crews are eligible to compete for the 'University' pennant. Irish crews shall be deemed to be overseas crews.
    Overseas crews are required to have an appropriate level of public liability insurance, suggested level to be £5million.


    School/Junior & Masters

    These are regarded as status events.
    School/Junior extends a J18 event to permit pupils in full time secondary education to continue to participate at a junior level representing their school up to the date of their nineteenth birthday. This does not permit the inclusion of old girls in a school crew. School/Junior competitors representing a club rather than a school must not have reached the age of 18 on 1 September of the preceding year. Crews for this event may be coxed by an adult.
    Composite crews whose members satisfy the criteria above may enter this event.
    Masters handicap times will be based on the Head winner's time on the day. A master is someone who has attained the age of 27 years or will attain this age during race year.

    Novice Academic (A) Pennant
    previously Novice University (U)

    "Academic" includes both University & School crews.
    Novice university crews with non-student members must enter as Novice (C),
    Novice crews representing any of the collegiate universities - Oxford, Cambridge, London and Durham and composite crews of colleges within those universities, may not enter novice events, but a crew representing a single college at one of these universities is permitted to enter.
    Composites of non-collegiate universities, non-collegiate universities with clubs and/or schools, and schools with clubs if entering novice, must enter as 'Novice (A)'.
    (Note - Winners of a qualifying novice event are NO LONGER entitled to row as novice)


    Novice Club (C) Pennant

    Club crews, club composites and junior club crews are eligible to enter this event.
    (Note - Winners of a qualifying novice event are NO LONGER entitled to row as novice)


    HM Forces Pennant
    (Provided by the Joint Services Rowing Committee)

    Only crews entered in the WEHoRR & who also satisfy the JSRC rules are eligible. The JSRC awards for this event are separate to the WEHoRR awards and are administered under rules laid down by the JSRC. The HM Forces Pennant will be awarded to the fastest Services' crew regardless of British Rowing status. All queries must be taken up with JSRC directly.


    The Committee reserves the right to change any of the above at its discretion.



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