Women's Eight Head of the River Race


       Two racing eights of women – the Ace Rowing Club, of Barnes, and the Weybridge Amateur Rowing Club – rowed over the University Boat-race course of four and a quarter miles from Putney to Mortlake on Saturday for the first time in history. Weybridge won by three and a half lengths.
The captain of the Ace crew, Miss Olive Brewer, said to a “Daily Express” representative: “We hope to make it in future years as historic a national event as the Oxford and Cambridge race.”
The crews wore white sweaters and blue shorts. A few members of the Ace crew had black stockings. One pretty girl rower had an Eton crop.


          The race started in choppy weather from Putney Bridge. The crews were striking about thirty-two, and Weybridge, amid cheers from the following launch and the crowd, rapidly drew ahead. They led opposite Harrods by four lengths.
Weybridge continued to lead at Barnes Bridge, and passed the post three and a half lengths in front of their opponents.
Then came the surprise. Men in the launch had expected to see both crews collapse after the strain of the race, which has laid out many an Oxford and Cambridge crew, but the girls relapsed from the strain of racing, sat up, and looked round cheerfully.
The time for the race was 26mins. 57secs., as against a record Boat-race time of 18mins. 41secs., and this year’s time of 20mins. 14secs.
Miss A. Gentry, captain of the Weybridge eight, said afterwards that her crew had done practically no training for the race at all. “We are most of us business girls,” she said, “and have little opportunity of doing anything beyond take our boats out every evening. As a matter of fact, we have only rowed together as an eight for the last ten days.”
Miss Brewer, captain of the Ace, said “We are not in the least tired. After tea is over we are all going to a dance.”