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Notes for Visiting Crews

Visiting the Tideway for prior to the Women's Head? Chiswick Bridge is undergoing refurbishment works from 3rd March 2015. View the Notice to Mariners here.

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All visiting crews are asked to obtain permission from the Tideway Club whose facilities they are intending to use by contacting the club or captain directly before submitting their entry online. Contact information for clubs willing to host visiting crews can be found here. If you haven't obtained permission before entering, the club may ask for your entry to be removed. This is essential for race organization as well as a matter of courtesy.


Parking restrictions will apply at Putney, starting on the evening of the race and throughout race day.  On race day, this includes a one way system  with access only for vehicles with permits.

Access Permits for dropping off and picking up boats
All towing vehicles from visiting clubs who have made arrangements to use the Putney Embankment will require an access permit. The Event Secretary will contact those clubs 2-3 weeks before the race to enquire whether clubs will be bringing a trailer and to send out access permits as appropriate.  The number of permits is limited by local Council arrangements, emergency access and safety considerations.  We ask that you share trailers wherever possible, and we give priority parking to trailers bringing multiple boats.

If you are given an access permit to the Putney Embankment, to help reduce congestion we ask that all trailers are unloaded immediately and then removed. Failure to do so will incur penalties for all crews using the trailer.  You will be advised on where you can park.

Trailer Parking Permits at Putney

A limited number of trailers will be allocated parking spaces on or near Putney Embankment. These will be issued by special arrangements to clubs that are bringing a large number of boats.  Please note that parking permits are for trailers only: towing vehicles cannot be parked anywhere on the Embankment on Race Day.

Offsite Parking
The Committee will send out additional parking instructions for towing vehicles and empty trailers.  Unofficial parking can be found along the Lonsdale Road that runs towards Barnes along the south side of the river from Hammersmith Bridge.

Overnight parking at Putney
Crews arriving on Friday should be aware that vehicles parked on Putney Embankment the night before the race can be ticketed or towed away, so drivers should observe local council signage. Please also note that boats cannot be unloaded and left on the pavement or highway overnight.

Trailers parked overnight on the Embankment must be removed early the next day. This is to allow crews arriving on race day to have access and space to drop off their boats and equipment.

No trailers can be left on Putney Embankment overnight after the race.

Trailers are parked at owner's risk.

Please note
that WEHoRR is reliant on the goodwill and assistance of all Authorities and Clubs at Putney.  The police, traffic wardens, council officials and our own stewards must not only be obeyed at all times, but treated with courtesy and respect. Your cooperation in these matters is essential for the smooth running of the event both now and in the future.

Thank you.

The Tidway Regional Rowing Council has put together a video to recap the Tideway Code; the specific rules of rowing on the tidal Thames. If you're visiting the Tideway to train, pleae make sure you review the Tideway Code, which is also available on the Thames Regional Rowing Council website here.



On 3 January 2012, the standards for vehicles travelling within London's Low Emission Zone (LEZ) were tightened. Towing vehicles previously unaffected by the 2008 introduction of the LEZ may now be subject to charges when travelling in Greater London. Read more about the LEZ and its requirements on the TFL website.


Check our twitter feed for up-to-date information.

Please take note of any announcements made by the Control Commission personnel in your area. We will aim to advise crews 2hrs before the Race start time (i.e before crews go afloat) if the start of the race is in question and will also give a time (likely to be within the hour) whether the race will proceed or be cancelled. If you are in any doubt about going afloat please ask.

Prior to race day - please check this website or twitter, facebook or Google+ for updated information.

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