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WEHoRR 2015: 75th Race - Provisional Results available

Welcome - This year is the 75th Race.

On 74 previous occasions women have put their boats on the water and rowed out to battle. To battle against other crews for the glory of winning; more recently to battle against the clock; to battle the tricks of the wind and tide; and perhaps above all to battle against themselves to find something beautiful in the pursuit of rowing together in an eight. To find the thin red line between too easy and too hard.

The 300+ crews that race this year will step on the shoulders of the three crews that competed in the first race. I ask that while you are waiting before the start, to please take a moment to remember the 27 women that did something extraordinary all those years ago, so that 2,700 women could, 74 races later, repeat the same feat.

The WEHoRR is extraordinary because the women that race it make it extraordinary.

In this 75th year I remind all crew captains and coaches, especially those of IM3 and novice crews, to prepare your crews properly for racing on the Tideway. The Race Committee expects all crews to have the fitness, experience and the skill to stay safe during the race. As a minimum, this would mean the crew having previous experience on a tidal river; the crew having had enough on-water time to be considered competent to be safe on the Tideway and coxes of IM3 and novice crews having had previous experience of steering on the Tideway.

Have a safe 75th race and we hope to see you all at Putney for the Prizegiving at 1:30pm on race day.

Guin Batten
on behalf of the Organising Committee

Thanks to Annie Christiansen for the photo.

"Coxing a Tideway Head"
is now available to view on this site -
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